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Spatial Ideas is dedicated towards building Solutions which help better manage our resources and greatly improve our ability to take well informed decisions. We are committed to helping governments become more transparent and accountability by using technology in its workflow and sharing data with civil societies. We are on the forefronts of the SoLoMo (Social, Location & Mobile) revolution and spatial data driven analytics.

We have two product platforms to help our clients:

Viking - Mobile Enterprise GIS

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About Viking

Viking is a powerful and dynamic product development platform, which converges technologies like Mobile Applications, Biometrics, Maps and Analytics to create powerful Enterprise solutions. We have used the technology to create solutions for the local governments, in the space of Solid Waste Management, Rural Healthcare, Project Management, Food Distribution, Mother and Child Health Services, labour Management and even Tourism.

LocoBuzz - Social Media Analytics Platform

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About LocoBuzz

LocoBuzz is an award winning 'Social Media Analytics and Engagement' platform, which offers unparalleled workflows along with insightful visualization of the digital chatter.

LocoBuzz is not only capable of "Listening" to Social Media (Blogs, Tweets, FB, Discussion Forums, News, Four Square, Trip Advisor, Compliant Websites, TeamBHP) and providing customized Analytics but also in "Engaging" with users on a personalized basis. LocoBuzz has inbuilt CRM like features and a powerful reporting engine.

LocoBuzz also allows users to keep a complete track of all the activities related to a brand in the digital universe along with rich engagement features to manage responses from within the tool.

Who are we and how it all got started. Our story.

Our workspace

Journey so far...

The one thing I never forgot from my Geography 101 - "Spatial is Special" Looking back I think it was there that seeds for Spatial Ideas were sown.

Spatial Ideas was started in a spare bedroom with a vision to create quality products which constantly push the boundaries of technology and usability to WoW our clients and help them achieve their goals while maintaining a cool work environment.

From developing applications for clients, to consulting, training we have come a long way by virtue of developing in house technologies and platforms along the SoLoMo lines. which have opened up numerous business opportunities.

We have been lucky enough to add some kickass team members early on who have not only done valuable contribution to our product story but have influenced how we do our work day to day.

What started out as a modest effort to connect Social, Location and Mobile has evolved into two fantastic product platforms, LocoBuzz and Viking, both of which have carved a niche for themselves in their sectors and won several national and international accolades.

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Vishal Agarwal

The Ideas Guy - Travel enthusiast, enjoys music and photography.

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Nitin Agarwal

The Executioner, gaming junkie and a night owl!

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Shubhi Agrawal

Voracious reader and enthusiastic cook, Mixed media artist, Music lover, Avid crafter, World traveler, Movie buff, Health food chef, Marketing & Alliances Ninja!

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Vidyasagar Parivelli

Movies and Music buff! A complete night Owl :-)

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Debjyoti Biswas

Sports enthusiast, just getting started with photography, a terrible singer.

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Srestica More

Hiker, Traveller, Nature Lover.

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Arpit Jain

Developer, Designer, Technologist, Artist, Dreamer.

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Donica Trivedi

Curious by default. TV geek by habit. Digital marketer by profession. Passionate shopaholic.

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Dipak Sharma

Typical analyst. Tv scholar. Alcohol ninja. Unapologetic music lover. Creator. Web practitioner.

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